Fearless Horse

The Fearless Horse – Effective training strategies for producing a calm but courageous horse. By Roger and Joanna Day

The Fearless Horse

The Fearless Horse
 is a training book written by the authors to offer readers the opportunity to learn an Effective Training approach for producing horses that remain confident and controllable whatever the situation, in competition or at home – and develop their own horsemanship skills.

Experienced professional trainers, Roger & Joanna Day, explain how the reader can use Effective Training strategies to work in a safer and more successful way with their horses in any sphere, from the home paddock to the performance arena.

The first section explains how, through good leadership you can build a successful partnership of mutual trust and respect. In the second section twenty core exercises show how you can educate your horse to become safer, easier to control and more rideable. The last section deals with troubleshooting and suggests remedial training strategies for overcoming difficulties such as spooking, napping, fear of jumping, ditches, traffic, loading etc so you can enjoy your own fearless horse!

Roger & Joanna are well known in the horse world having produced good horses and riders over many years.  Joanna is a registered BHSI, BD and British Eventing Accredited Coach.  Roger is a renowned horseman and an FEI Steward. Roger & Joanna have also bred several good horses, the most famous being Primmore’s Pride winner of the Kentucky Rolex, Burghley and Badminton Horse Trials and Athens Olympic Silver Medal with his rider Pippa Funnell.

The Fearless Horse published in November 2006 by David & Charles is now widely available for sale in paperback. Hardback or paperback copies can be signed and personalized by authors on request. To order please ring us or email for current prices (£10 – £15) cheques only to: Joanna Day, Newcotts Farm, North Newton, Nr Bridgwater, Somerset TA7 0DQ Tel office: 01278 662783 email: info@fearlesshorse.co.uk Mob. 07968 544448 (We attend many horse trials in south west England and have copies available).

Card purchases can be made through David and Charles www.davidandcharles.co.uk or Amazon etc.

Testimonials – Reader Credits for The Fearless Horse

‘… you have done a super job of the book, the way you have set it out and your simple straightforward explanations make it very easy to follow and get a grip of.’
Yogi Breisner, World Class Performance Manager for the British Eventing Team 2008

‘The book provides an insight into a horse’s perception and exercises that can be used to overcome its fears.  It also manages to explain how these are useful in producing a horse right up to advanced level.’
Harry Mead, Professional Eventer GB 2008

‘The Fearless Horse has given me much inspiration, confidence and support in training my endurance horses.’ Della Short, Endurance Rider, Somerset 2008

‘I have very much enjoyed reading your book – there is some great stuff in there!’ John M – Show Jumper, Suffolk, 2006

‘It is a very special book because it gives help and guidance from the earliest handling of a foal and is fundamental to whatever training and work the horse will be asked to do during its life.  However, it is the understanding which is written into every exercise about what is happening for horse and rider which I think is brilliantly done.  I think the book is exceptional.’ Francis M., Teacher, Ledbury 2006

‘Thank you so much for writing The Fearless Horse – it has inspired me to develop a trusting partnership with my lovely mare Florence’. Lorraine P – Rider, Australia 2006

Your book The Fearless Horse is the best training book I have ever read- well done!  Jane B, Dressage Rider, Dubai 2009

Testimonials – from Amazon for The Fearless Horse

***** A must for any horse owner, 24 May 2009
“… this is a really good book for anyone who wants a clear jargon free no nonsense approach to training any horse. The book is clearly written with lovely pictures, many of which are of the authors themselves, proving that they really have “been there, done that and got the t-shirt2. It is an open-minded approach that really works.”

***** Excellent, excellent, excellent, 8 May 2009
“So easy to read and understand, full of lovely pictures of the authors putting their system into practice, they clearly have been there and done it themselves in a no nonsense practical sense. The strength of this book is its straightforward approach, no jargon, no psychobabble, yet these trainers clearly incorporate all aspects of horsemanship, natural and traditional in their methods, they do it with little fuss and ceremony. These trainers are on a par with all the better known NH trainers. The book is accessible and understandable to anyone, like the authors themselves!”

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