Testimonials from some of our hugely varied but happy clientele

Clinic Client 2013 SB on new racehorse to retrain – very anxious.

Thanks for a great session this morning. It was great to get back to doing things properly and taking some homework away. S

Private client 2013 JB with anxious home bred eventer mare 6 hears old – was very nappy wild and unwilling….

‘’I’m getting lick & chew, blinking, yawning, sighing & although I’m struggling with the lunging a bit, she’s more focused on me & following me like a dog!! So I rode her as well, all very calm & relaxed yet off my leg, no spooking, something resembling shoulder in, worked in an out line with no insistence from me just contact & fwd & even walked calmly & 4 timely over small log in the field!! Think I may be making progress!! Thank you J.‘’

Clinic client 2013 LP Large homebred young event horses

“Thanks for the clinic yesterday. Everyone seemed very pleased. I was so proud of Mike and how he handled Summer – he has always been good with a natural ‘feel’. He learnt a lot and is thinking about how and why things happened. Today he had a session with Buster when leading him out to the field – Buster was particularly boisterous and airborne. Mike was amazing – he had to be very energetic to get Buster to back off and accept what Mike wanted him to do, but by the end Buster was licking and chewing with a big tongue and standing quietly. Mike calmly let him off, made him stand, and then Buster was allowed to move away. He then galloped round and bucked to release his controlled energy. Summer was very good too leading out to the field. . Lots for both of us to work on now. Many thanks”

“Had a good ride up on the hill this afternoon with Blaise – very windy but he was well behaved although wanting to go. Trotted all the way up to the top and then made him walk along the top where he likes to go faster – no problems there – just a very brisk walk! Then came over the ridge to where we see the track that goes back down again – a whole herd of sheep grazing all around the top and halfway down. I also had my dog and wasn’t sure what he would do with the sheep – so interesting! Blaise stopped and looked rather worried and wanted to turn around but walked on when I asked him so that was good. Dog got near the sheep and looked at me as if to say “can i chase” but when I said NO he was good as gold and ignored them, trying to go around them. So of course the sheep all started running around but Blaise was really good and just went where I told him and watched all these furry beasties running away from him in all directions and across in front of him to try to get together again. I was very pleased with him – certainly couldn’t have done that a year ago! Thanks again for your training for both of us.”

“I came to see you with my horse a few years ago now. I am also a journalist and wrote a feature on you and your husband Roger for Farmers Guardian – the equestrian section.”

” I just wanted to let you know in addition to I recently bought a horse to event. He is a lovely boy and I am very pleased with him, but since I got him at the end of January I felt despite his manners he wasn’t really listening to me. Last night I got my Fearless Horse book out and this morning we did some ground work exercises before I got on, so he was moving his feet around me, not the other way round. By the time I got on him I could see and feel he was focused on me and what I wanted from him next and I was delighted.”

” I love your methods, they are simple, effective and make so much sense. It also makes things much clearer for the horse – which is what it’s all about really!! ” Katie Roebuck, Journalist, 3rd March 2011

“Thank you for your lessons and sorting out our chaos! Boots and I now feel confident and almost ready for the season- even jumping combinations without tension… I now have a plan towards a 2* this year thanks to your coaching!” Jane D, Somerset Feb 2011

“Just had to say how brilliant my flatwork session was with you, thank you – and dressage now seems much simpler and not so fraught. We look forward to competing with more fun and success now…” Paul G, Glos Oct 2010

“Thank you for putting us back on the road to success – all your time and effort was rewarded with a spook free Elementary win this weekend. Orbit was much more willing and obedient – staying in front of the leg for most of the test. He even managed some ‘true’ bends too! Thank you again for our lessons, and for the delicious cake!” Sue P, Devon July 2009

“What a huge difference your training has made! A great boost for my daughter’s, the horse’s and my own confidence. We all went to our first event since the accident and had a JRN win! Thank you for all your inspiring teaching and advice – and CD to remember the lesson with – we shall return soon.” Clare P, Oxford August 2009

“I managed to put everything you had taught me into practice in the competition ring and remained calm, relaxed and focused – a good pilot! Resulting in qualifying for the finals.” J.R. Bath 2006

“Thanks for your brilliant help with Ed. I am being very careful to keep up the good work, everyone has noticed a huge difference, I now feel that we are working to the right direction!” E.J. Worcester 2009

“A big thank you for yesterday – it more than met my ‘what do I want to get out of clinic’ list. Your gentle approach (even to bossy Spider) understanding and knowledge of horses is beyond measure.” C.M. Cheshire 2008

“What a revelation it was to learn to understand our horses – I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our 2 days with you, we will put everything we learned into practice.” J.C. Dorset 2008